Eгор Холмогоров (holmogor) wrote,
Eгор Холмогоров


Tim Cornell, Jhon Matthews. Atlas of the Roman World. London, 2006

H.G. Wells. The outline of History. vv. 1-2. NY, 1949

Jerome Carcopino. Daly life in ancient Rome. The People and the City in the height of the Empire

Robert A. Kaster. The Appian way. Ghost road. Queen of roads. Chikago, 2012

Jhon Romer. Valley of the kings. London, 1988

Cyril Aldred. Egypt to the end of Old Kingdom. London, 1965

Will Durant. The story of civilization. Part IV. The age of Faith. A history of Medieval Civilization - Christian, Islamic, and Judaic from Constantine to Dante: AD. 325-1300 NY, 1950

J.H. Elliot. Imperial Spain. 1496-1716.NY., 1964

Fridrich Heer. The intellectual history of Europe. Vol. II. The counter-Reformation to 1945. NY., 1968

David S. Lindes. Revolution in Time. Cloks and the making of the Modern World. Harvard University Press, 1983

Carole Flink. Marc Bloch. A life in History. Cambrige University Press, 1989

Christine Pevitt Algrant. Madame de Pompadour. Mistress of France. London, 2003

John Biggs-Davidson. Tory lives. From Falkland to Disraely. London, 1952

Philip Ziegler. Melbourne. A biografy of William Lamb 2nd Viscount Melbourne.1978

Robert Kee. The green flag. Vol. 1. The Most Distressful Country, London, 1976

David Gilmour.   The pursuit of Italy. A history of a land, its regions and their peoples.London, 2012

Ну и самая забавная из книжек - книжка живолатынщиков. Henricus Barbatus (Henry Beard). Lingua latina occasionibus omnibus (Latin for all occasions). NY.,  2004

Я не знаю как это оказалось в моей сумке! - Nescio quomodo illud in sinum meum intraverit!

Я не ждал что ты вернешься домой так скоро! - Non sperabam te domum tam cito revenire!

В общем lingua latina non penis canina!


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